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My Wedding Planner

Finally, a complete online system that eliminates the guesswork, anxiety and countless hours of online research. No wonder 26,000+ couples prefer us to plan the perfect wedding.

Online Wedding Organizer

Planning a successful wedding is in the details. Our Online Wedding Organizer gives you everything you need to track budgets, guests, tasks, appointments and more. Manage every single event down to the smallest item!

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Manage Your...

Budget Widget
Stay on top of all of your wedding budget details. Start with a default set of budget categories and line items. Then customize your budget according to your specific needs, adding, editing and deleting categories and line items where needed.

Guest List
Enter guest or family information just once. Then simply check the events to which you'd like to invite each individual, and start tracking all the essential information like RSVPs, invitation wording, notes, gifts and thank-yous, and more.

Task Calendar
Your calendar will automatically display payments, events and other important appointments from all areas of the Organizer. You can also add all of your personal appointments and choose to receive email reminders for each task.

Plan Your...

Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Every detail of your ceremony and reception is accounted for, from your transportation to the icing on your cake. Whether you're having a formal event or a backyard potluck, this tool lets you plan your big day in your own way.

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
Set the stage for your big day with a smooth rehearsal evening. Plan your evening's dinner guest list, catering, attire, location, decor and rental items in one convenient place.

Seating Arrangements
Assign table names, enter the number of seats at each table and place guests accordingly from your master guest list. Any unassigned guests are listed below your table arrangements so you don't leave anyone out.

Engagement Activities
The events leading up to your big day should be special, too. So we've provided a place where you can track your engagement party and engagement details as thoroughly as you wish.

Bridesmaid's Luncheon
Whether you're having an intimate lunch or a full day with the ladies, this tool makes it easy to coordinate your guest list, invitations, catering and more for this special event!

Bridal Shower
If you're planning your shower, this tool lets you track every detail, from the budget to the guest list. And if someone else is doing the planning, you can use this tool to build the guest list and print it out for them.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Plan each of your parties with your own guest list, transportation information and itinerary. Print it out for a handy reference or email it to guests to set the agenda.

Post Wedding Activities
Now you can relax after your big day knowing that all of your post-wedding activities - like your night-of resort activities, day-after brunch and newspaper announcements - are all in place and ready to go.

Track Your...

Easily track RSVPs for each guest and each event. Check "yes," "no" or "has not responded," and the guest's RSVP status will be updated throughout the Organizer. Also integrates with the online RSVP collector that comes with our Premium Wedding Website.

Gifts and Thank Yous
Stay on top of gifts and thank yous for your engagement, bridal shower and wedding. Just enter a description of the gift, who you received it from and whether you've sent a thank you card yet.

Costs and Payments
As part of the budget manager, the cost and payment tracker lets you update due dates, deposits, final payments and payment details as well as calculates all entries, giving you current totals for all budget categories.

Vendors and Contacts
Enter vendors for each event (including all their contact information), and they'll automatically be added to your master list of vendors and vice-versa. And you can always print out or export your master list for easy reference.

Out of Town Guests
Simplify planning for both you and your out-of-town guests. Just mark guests as coming from out-of-town in our guest list manager, and you can enter their travel arrangements, accommodations, arrival and departure times and more!

Gift Registries
Manage each retailer's contact information, return policies, registry policies and any additional notes. Plus you can display these retailers on your Premium Wedding Website.

Helpful Extras...

Suggested Tasks
We offer suggested tasks to help guide you through the planning process. Located under your Organizer's calendar and listed by month, these suggested tasks help you know what you need to be planning and when. And in just a few clicks, you can add any one of these tasks to your calendar.

Calendar Email Reminders
When you place a task, appointment or due date on your calendar, you can choose to receive an email reminder hours, days or a week before your appointment to help you stay on top or your busy schedule.

Checklists and Worksheets
Use our more than two dozen printable checklists and worksheets when you meet with all types of vendors or when completing critical planning tasks. They provide suggested questions, checklists and helpful hints to make sure you've got everything covered.

At-a-Glance Overviews
At-a-Glance pages give you a quick overview of your planning progress for each section of the Organizer so you know in an instant where you stand with your guest list, budgets, events, task calendar and vendors.

Printable Pages
It's easy to get a fully formatted printout of each page of the Organizer. Just click on the "Printable Page" link at the top of each page, print out the file and now you have a printed copy in hand.

Downloadable Spreadsheets
With a downloadable spreadsheet for each section of the Organizer, you can easily share or save your data. Need to send your guest list to an invitation company? No problem. Just download the guest list spreadsheet, and all your guest information is ready to go.

Online Wedding Organizer »
Plan every wedding-related event and manage budgets, guest lists, task calendars, seating arrangements and more.

Wedding Website with Online RSVP

Share your story in style with a personal, Premium Wedding Website. Choose from dozens of designs - ranging from classic to contemporary - and customize your site with your own words and photos. It's simple to set up, plus you can pull information and text you've already entered into our online organizer to save time.

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Customize Your Site

Online Wedding Organizer
Select from dozens of website designs - from contemporary to classic styles in a variety of color options - and change to a different design anytime you want with a single click. You can also choose a song from our music library to add background music to your site.

Personalize Your Site with Text, Photos, Galleries, Blog Posts and More
Add introductory text to each page of your site, display photos, create photo galleries and much more. There's even an area where you can post blog entries and keep an online journal of your journey.

Collect and Manage RSVPs
Simply send guests to your website where they can RSVP for any of your events. Their responses will automatically appear in your RSVP manager where you can view them and add them to your master guest list in just a few clicks.

Pull Data Straight From Your Organizer for Easy Set-up
Because your website coordinates with the Online Wedding Organizer, set up is simple. You can automatically pull information from your guest list, vendor and venue tools as well as other areas to make your life a little easier.

Customize Your URL
Direct guests and visitors to your site with a personalized URL. Include it on invitations, share it with friends, post it on your social media pages!

Password Protect Your Site
You have full control over who has access to your site and who does not. You can password protect your entire site or individual pages based on your preferences.

No Advertising
We believe your website should be a visual representation of your special day only and not cluttered with distracting ads. So your site at My Wedding Workbook will always be advertising-free.

Rename, Reorder, and Even Hide Pages
For ultimate customization, you can rename any page on your site and put your pages in whatever order you wish. You can even choose to display or hide individual pages on your website.

Mark Off the Days with Our Wedding Countdown
A countdown to your wedding day will be displayed on each page of your site.

Website Pages

Home Page
Welcome visitors to your wedding website with your personalized home page. Easily add a slideshow or single photo, an introduction to your site and a wedding day countdown.

Our Story
Here, both you and your soul mate can post your pictures and share your respective stories of how you met, provide details about your courtship and relive your special moments.

Photo Albums
Tell your whole story in pictures by creating multiple photo albums that can be viewed on your site as a slideshow. Add unlimited images and share everything from baby pictures to engagement photos.

Our Thoughts Blog
This useful tool lets you collect all your thoughts and communicate them to your site visitors. Post messages from one or both of you, leave quick notes for visitors or even journal your planning process!

Guests can choose to which event they wish to RSVP, accept or decline your invitation and add a personal note. Responses are sent directly to your email inbox and are also tallied in the RSVP response manager, where you can quickly add them to your master guest list area in the Online Wedding Organizer.

Show all of your wedding-related events on your website, complete with maps and directions for all your venues. Easily pull events from the Online Wedding Organizer to add to this page and add your own custom events as well.

Wedding Party
Proudly display all the members of your wedding party. Draw their information straight from the Online Wedding Organizer, and include a photo and description for each person.

Family and Friends
Show off your family and friends. Choose to display any or all guests, attach a photo to each guest and give a description for each entry.

Guests can post congratulatory comments and the like on your Guestbook page. Choose to moderate your messages before they're posted, or allow them to be posted automatically.

Our Vendors
List your vendors, add pictures, link to their websites and give descriptions on your vendor resources page.

Out-of-Town Guests
Use the Out-of-Town Guests page to post resources for your traveling guests like hotels, recommended restaurants, maps and directions.

Our Registry
Display on your website where you have registered for gifts so your guests have a complete list of where to shop. This page can automatically pull the registry information you have already entered in the Online Wedding Organizer to save you time.

Wish List
Post items on your wish list for those special somethings that you'd like for your wedding, or include special requests (like charity donations). Show pictures, a description, where items are available and any related Web addresses.

Contact Us
If a guest or wedding participant needs to contact you, they can send you a quick message via the Contact Us page. All messages will be sent to the email address you provide to us upon registering on our site.

Extra Page
Anything we haven't covered? We've provided an extra page for anything else you might need.

Wedding Website with Online RSVP »
Choose from dozens of designs and personalize your site with photo galleries, music, a blog and more.

Ideas & Inspiration Board

Share your story in style with a personal, Premium Wedding Website. Choose from dozens of designs - ranging from classic to contemporary - and customize your site with your own words and photos. It's simple to set up, plus you can pull information and text you've already entered into our online organizer to save time.

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Key Features

Create and COllect Notes Electronically
Creating a new note is simple. Just give the note a title and type in your thoughts, ideas, insights and questions.

Organize Notes Into Your Own Categories
You can label your own note categories and then easily choose what category to assign each note you create.

Attach Images and Links to Your Notes
When you create a new note, you can attach images, photos and Website links all in one place. And you can even view your images and photos as a slideshow.

Share Notes with Your Friends and Family
Simply send guests to your website where they can RSVP for any of your events. Their responses will automatically appear in your RSVP manager where you can view them and add them to your master guest list in just a few clicks.

Ideas & Inspiration Board »
Store and track notes, photos, images and other electronic tidbits to stay inspired and organized.

Email Communication Center

Now there's an easier way to send your guests updates and stay on the same page with your wedding party. Our email tools plug into your guest list inside the Online Wedding Organizer so you can quickly create mailing lists and send out messages.

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Key Features

Maintain a Master Email List for Your Wedding
We give you a head start on your master email list by automatically adding the names and email addresses that you have already entered into the Online Wedding Organizer's guest list manager. However, you can easily edit or add more names and addresses at any time. Guests are organized into families for your convenience.

Create Customized Lists
In addition to your master guest list, you have the ability to create customized email lists for every event or group associated with your wedding. For example, you can create separate lists for sending updates/information to your wedding party and your families or create separate lists for all your wedding-related events.

Send Email in Bulk
Once you've created your lists, it's simple to send out bulk emails. Just select the list to whom you want to send the email, type your message and click "send."

Works With Your Existing Email List
All of the emails you send through the Email Communications Center will be delivered via our server, but any replies to your emails will be sent to the email address that you provide when you register on our site.

Email Communication Center »
Plug into your guest list to quickly send messages and reminders to your guests or wedding party.

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